A Reflection on Adjustment Process to GCU

At the beginning, I had mixed feelings about GCU. I did not know what was ahead of me apart from the fact that I was going into a new environment that I was not used to. Of particular concern was how the studies would be different from my community college. I had a good share of fears in me most of which, I must admit, were informed by myths I had come across about universities.

My view about universities was that these were tough places, and you have to be very tough to make it. Although I have come to realize that a lot of effort has to be put in at the university level, the perspective I have of a university, at least from the GCU experience, is different from the one I had before of a tough place. In this reflection, I discuss my adjustment process to GCU. I highlight what has been beneficial to me and my success at the institution. I also point out sources of distraction and the lessons that have been significant in this process.

First and foremost, I must admit my adjustment process has been smooth so far. It is an experience that has been of joy to me because of the lessons that I have learned. Further, it is a process that is very informed, and I have gained much knowledge of my course. The assignments are detailed and quite practical. I am learning new concepts and finding their applications to real life situations. At this rate, there is no doubt my mind set will gradually change for the better.

There many things that have been beneficial to me. To start with, the learning process is hands on. It is possible to relate what is taught in class to what happens to the real world. To me, this makes learning exciting and relevant. I get the motivation to learn more and find myself delving deeper into studies. Relating theoretical concepts to what happens in real life should be what learning should be about. We discussed various case studies that were real life and that made much significance to the course I take.

Through the adjustment process, I have a better understanding of who I am. This has been possible through the various self-assessment exercises that we have done. The exercises revealed to me what my values are, the areas that I am good at and where I need to make improvements on. For instance, through the Mercy Core Values discussion forum, I was able to identify respectful, integrity and compassion as my values. I also note that at times, I doubt my capabilities and, therefore, I feel I need to do more work on my integrity. The discussion forum therefore revealed my values and what needed to be done to make myself better.

Study skills and time management are very important for not only students but also for any person who want to be successful. As aforementioned, the amount of work at GCU is quite a lot. It would be extremely hard to manage the workload without being equipped with proper studying skills and an ability to effectively manage time well. I think one gets to experience the beauty of time management when exposed to a lot of work and consequently uses time management to accomplish the workload effectively. This has been my case. Instead of complaining about a lot of work, I have found it easy to use time management skills to accomplish my assignments on time.

GCU has voluminous sources of information. Wading through library system and databases can be tiresome if you do not know where and how to look. Concepts such as getting to the right database, journals and key words are very important to retrieve the information required. The library system is a great source of solutions for assignments and more important is the right place to gain further knowledge apart from what we learn from class. There is no denying, the library system makes it easy to learn. I was able to cross check various sources discussion similar concepts and I was convinced there was no better way to gain a wide scope of a concept.

All was not bright at GCU. The community at the university is huge. There are many things that need to be experienced apart from studies. It is easy to blend in with other students. It is like we all have one common goal, to make our lives better at the college. However, how each one of use went about achieving this goal was different. There were some who liked partying. Parties at the college are great; you get to intermingle with new friends. What I discovered was that this merry-life part of college can be time consuming and is distracting. It is therefore very important that a student should learn to control all aspects of life in college. Fortunately, this is possible through the use of time management skills. Being disciplined is also important because it helps one in adhering to his/her time schedule.

All the lessons I have learned in this course are important as each one builds on the foundation set by a previous lesson. Therefore, it would be hard to argue that one is more important than another. Nevertheless, I found the lesson on managing educational and personal needs to be quite exciting. This lesson helped me to develop a deeper understanding of what my educational needs are. It is almost ironical that sometimes a person can pursue something without intrinsically knowing what he or she is pursuing. I am beginning to have a detailed understanding of what entails my course. In this manner, it has become possible for to proportionally start adjusting myself to fit into what I wish to accomplish. The need to know myself and the values that I have is therefore important if I am to taste success. This lesson therefore reconciles my personal values to what I am pursuing.

In conclusion, I admit that I have had a great adjustment process to GCU which has not only been informing but also has led to great self-reflection on my life. The process has made it possible for me to adjust to the student life at GCU. I find it easy to move around and particularly my studies will be interesting because of the orientation process I have had.

Apple corporation financial analysis


Financial ratios are the financial analysis tools that are mostly used by investors to basically analyze the activities of a company (Baker and Powell 2009, 46). It involve scrutinizing if the company is in a better financial position and also if it’s very competitive at the present value or present time and how it will be in future. It is basically used to forecast the future operation of a business, (Lee, A. C., Lee, J. C., & Lee, C. F. 2009, pg.67).

Liquidity ratios

Current ratios

=current asset/current liability

Year 2012


Year 2011



Working capital

Current asset-current liabilities

Year 2012


Year 2011


The ratios mean that the company is in a position to cater for its financial current obligation, using its current asset.


2.) Profitability ratios

Gross margin

Year 2012

Gross profit/net sales


Year 2011


Total asset to sale

Total asset/total sale



From the ratio above, the company is making a lot of profit and also their assets are equal to its sales in both years.

Trend analysis

Horizontal analysis does involve comparing the financial ratio, benchmark or the line of item over which a number of the accounting periods. Also, it does allow the assessment of the basic relative difference which does fluctuate time by time. This does include the behavior changes of the revenue turnover, the expenses e.t.c.

Revenue in 2012 and 2011


2011 and 2010


2010 and 2009


2009 and 2008


From the above information, it can be concluded that the company revenue has been increasing year by year.

Earnings per share

Year 2012 and 2011


Year 2011 and 2010


From this, it means that the company does maximize their shareholders equity and in turn the investors invest a lot with the company, (UNITED STATES, SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, Washington, D.C. 20549, Form 10-K),


Apple inc, Financial Ratios[1]:   2014 2013 2012 2011

Net Profit margin                  22         22       27      24

Debt Equity ratio 0.32      0.14    –       –

Liquidity current ratio   1.08   1.68   1.50   1.61

Market Value Ratio            2.58     1.86    2.64    2.57

Apple Inc, Financial Trends[2]:


Ratio Description The company
Net profit margin


current Liquidity ratio


Debt ratio


Market value Margin

An indicator of profitability, calculated as net income divided by revenue.

Liquidity ratio calculated As current asset  divided by current liabilities


A solvency ratio calculated as total debt divided by total shareholders’ equity

The share of market increase in sales

The net profit margin deteriorated from 2012 to 2013 and from 2013 to 2014.

Its current ratio improved from 2012 to 2013 but then deteriorated significantly from 2013 to 2014.

Apple Inc.’s current ratio decreased in 2011 and 2012 and increased in 2013 but slightly decreased in  2014.

Apple Inc.’s current ratio decreased in 2013 but improved in 2014.


Competitor: EMC Corp[3]

EMC corporation is a company that is technologically advanced and its  operation differ with that of apple corporation. But it should be noted that, this corporation deals with data storage. It mainly targets big company and also smes. It also provides computers as its more recognized as a computer company. This means that, it is a bigger threat to the apple corporation because many companies will opt to deal with emc for its technological services and also for computer products than that of apple. This is because this company has been listed among the 100 best companies in united state of America. Although apple is diversified, it should be in a position to deal with this company to avoid its computer products and technological services to elapse with the company. Since, its market share is large and its competitive position in the market is high.


Financial Ratios:            2014     2013    2012 2011

Profitability ratio        19            18         17          16

Debt Equity ratio           0.25     0.32    0.08   0.18

Current ratio                   1.04      1.60    1.40     1.50

Market value margin     1.97        2.76    2.50     1.98

Ratio Description The company
Net profit margin


current Liquidity ratio


Debt ratio


An indicator of profitability, calculated as net income divided by revenue.

Liquidity ratio calculated As current asset  divided by current liabilities

A solvency ratio calculated as total debt divided by total shareholders’ equity

The share of market translated in sales

Emccorp, net profit margin deteriorated from 2012 to 2013 and from 2013 to 2014 it improved.

EmcCorp,current ratio has been decreasing from 2011 to 2014.

Emc Debt ratio has decreased  from 2011 to 2014

EmcCorp,market value margin has improved slightly in 2014

NB: An increase in Profit margin indicates that the company is doing well because this makes the company to grow in terms of competitiveness and employees satisfaction

Debit ratio It indicates what proportion of equity and debt the company is using to finance its assets, An increase means that there has been an increase in the total liabilities and a decrease means there has been an increase in equity liability
An increase in current ratio indicates there is an rise in being able for the company to pay its short-term debts and the opposite is true

An increase in market share indicates that the company is gaining more sales within a period of time and this normally translates into profits

We can therefore see that the financial strength in Apple INC, is in current and market value ratio Because the investors still can invest and that the company is not at a risk of being bankrupt and hence investors still have confidence in investing in the company.

While their financial ratio weakness is in the Profits between the year2013 and 2014which can translate into the employees feeling the pinch due to pressure on performance and threat of being fired

I would advise the company to sell new share to stocks rather than sell bonds because the market share is still doing well and by having more shareholders they will be more loyal to the brand that they have invested in and this translates  to them making more purchases from apple as opposed to selling the bonds which will only concentrate on a particular class of people with good finances and chances are they have already bought the products anyway they only want to make profits from the company hard work.

As an investor with large sum of money I would consider investing with apple because their financial statement seem to show that the company still has got something to offer to investors like me and because they still have got a good market share as oppose to their competitors I would prefer to invest in them until their financial statement starts to decline.


From the information of the above companies, it can be concluded that, this two particular companies are leaders and in case of any to slake, the other one will take over (TechNewsWorld 2015, 87). The future financial position of this two particular company will be increasing at an increasing rate. This is because there financial turnover has been increasing from one fiscal year to another. for example, apple corporation horizontal analysis, it is concluded that the revenue and also the shareholders equity has been increasing and this live the company to be competitive i the market and also secure a competitive place in the market.

The corporation should use basically cost of equity to finance its project which are at time less than a year (Ehrhardt and Brigham 2013, 95). This is because the company is in a position to finance its current asset and also be able to sort out its current obligation without having any financial stress. Also, the company is supposed to use the cost of debt to finance its long term project since its current asset cannot finance for its long term project, (Herwitt, 2014, pg. 87)

As a banker, I would loan the company money to the company because its future financial position is outstanding and the pattern from the past financial position of the company can be used to forecast that the company is in full position to pay for the loans and also its sales equal to the total asset.

As an investor, I would definitely invest with the company because according to the company earnings per share are increasing at an increasing rate, it means that the company always obeys the rule of the company which is always maximize their shareholders equity. Also from the shareholders equity, it has been increasing drastically and this can be forecasted in future.






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Ehrhardt, Michael, and Eugene Brigham. Corporate Finance: A Focused Approach. New York: Cengage Learning, 2013.

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Washington, D.C. 20549, Form 10-K


Lee, A. C., Lee, J. C., & Lee, C. F. (2009). Financial analysis, planning & forecasting: Theory and application. Singapore: World Scientific

Herwitt, (2014). Cost of capital: cost of equity & debt analysis. Plunkett Research Ltd, print

Plunkett Research Ltd,










Question two

We were differentiating the liquidity ratio of 2011 and 2012

Question three

Its division method

Question four

Substation method

Question five

Division method

Question six

Substation method

Question seven

Its the link as provided from the annual reports of apple corporation by the investors relation

Question eight

They are for previous fiscal years

Question nine

Its cited













Iraq for Sale



The movie “Iraq for sale” especially talks about a company, Haliburton, which had a contract with the U.S government to support daily necessaries and construction materials for soldiers in Iraq. The company was supposed to deliver materials, foods, water etc in good condition; however, the Haliburton was focused solely on their profit, instead of focusing on soldiers. Some people realized that there were problems on supporting the soldiers, and they asserted about this issue. Unfortunately, it did not work out well because of the powerful politicians who had secret relations with the company. I found some government failures evident in this film. I do not doubt that government, but things could have been different at their end.


A noticeable character in the film was a man who worked for the Haliburton in Iraq. He was former water purification specialist. He went there to provide clean and safe water for the military. he tested water storage tanks and he found out that the water was extremely contaminated. The U.S government knew about this problem. However, the powerful senators, who had relationship with the Haliburton, helped the company. They paid no heed to it and kept doing unlawful businesses. The U.S government is to help citizens to keep away from the enemies. But, the government did not block them and actually helped the company to harm the soldiers. If the government was dutiful, and not having unlawful relations with this Company, only doing their job as a senator, this problem would have never happened. This kind of situation should be eliminated and the senators should be banned from the U.S