Iraq for Sale



The movie “Iraq for sale” especially talks about a company, Haliburton, which had a contract with the U.S government to support daily necessaries and construction materials for soldiers in Iraq. The company was supposed to deliver materials, foods, water etc in good condition; however, the Haliburton was focused solely on their profit, instead of focusing on soldiers. Some people realized that there were problems on supporting the soldiers, and they asserted about this issue. Unfortunately, it did not work out well because of the powerful politicians who had secret relations with the company. I found some government failures evident in this film. I do not doubt that government, but things could have been different at their end.


A noticeable character in the film was a man who worked for the Haliburton in Iraq. He was former water purification specialist. He went there to provide clean and safe water for the military. he tested water storage tanks and he found out that the water was extremely contaminated. The U.S government knew about this problem. However, the powerful senators, who had relationship with the Haliburton, helped the company. They paid no heed to it and kept doing unlawful businesses. The U.S government is to help citizens to keep away from the enemies. But, the government did not block them and actually helped the company to harm the soldiers. If the government was dutiful, and not having unlawful relations with this Company, only doing their job as a senator, this problem would have never happened. This kind of situation should be eliminated and the senators should be banned from the U.S